JCB was engaged to retro-fit the northern half of an existing floor plate on Level 4/222 Bourke St, which linked to the southern half that was retro-fitted by others.

The proposal provides eleven 25-person classrooms arranged around a flexible and adaptable central plenary space. It also allows for a flat-floored function space (nominal 200 people) for both staff and students. This is supplemented with flexible informal breakout and formal meeting spaces, which are located at key nodal points to enhance intuitive wayfinding.

The design capitalises on the northern façade to capture views and daylight across an otherwise deep floor plate. The materiality and colour palette suggest a restrained, calming and welcoming environment, rather than the vibrant primary response common in educational projects.



Gross Floor Area:



Monash College


NDY (Services), Bonacci Group (Structures), Marshall Day (Acoustics), NDY (AV), McKenzie Group (Building Surveyors)


Shannon McGrath