Having established the thriving café brand of St Ali in South Melbourne, the coffee impresario Salvatore Malatesta was invited to establish a new cafe space on the Monash Clayton Campus. The brief called for a stimulating, vibrant and engaging student hub.

The cafe is located within the same building as The Monash Academics Club, and as such a language was deliberately chosen that challenged the refined sophistication of its neighbour. A simple and raw palette of materials was selected. Plywood and exposed timber studs line the café’s shell and form the booths and bench seating.

Finer detailing is found on the bar with brass metal fittings and terrazzo stone tiling. The parts combine to make a robust whole, which the students have embraced as their own. A small corner of central Melbourne’s hipster culture has been transported to this expanding university campus, which ambitions to become a ‘city within a city’.



Gross Floor Area:

150 sqm


St Ali