This project involved an extensive refurbishment and adaptive re-use of the former Golden Crust Bakery warehouse in Armadale.

In its more recent life, the Bakery had suffered from a mock French provincial make over that was incongruous with the original industrial architecture.  The building was in a state of deterioration and demolition was a consideration as there was no heritage overlay protection. Our client, however, was committed to retaining the original building fabric which was highly valued in the streetscape by the surrounding neighbours. A common understanding between client and architect was established to reinvigorate the bakery with careful attention to appropriate detailing which would preserve and enhance its industrial appeal.

The primary attraction of this building for our client was the potential to address their expansive family accommodation requirements which included four children in their late teens (from a prior marriage), two recent children and regular visits from grandparents (who reside overseas). A “Brady Bunch” of sorts.

An extensive interior scheme was developed to engage with the building’s history, as well as a new bridge insertion to connect two buildings - the main house and stables outbuilding - providing a social, sculptural and undercover connection between separated spaces. The accommodation of the teenage kids in the stables would define their growing sense of independence.

The integration of building and landscape, strategic spatial planning and flexibility for a large family, and the client’s uncompromised commitment to the preservation and enhancement of the existing fabric provided the foundation for the project’s ultimate success.



Gross Floor Area:



Adams Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd

General Contractor:

Easton Builders


Shannon McGrath